Monday, March 28, 2011

Easter eggs

I love Sundays!! After church we went to Mom's house. We babysat for my niece's little one. She was having fun playing with the little plastic Easter eggs. How does my daughter look?

She also liked to put on my boots....

We also spent most of Saturday with our grandchildren. Love that time together!!!

How did you spend your weekend? I hope you did something fun.

Friday, March 25, 2011

What a Week!!

This is the trunk of my took two of us to close it!!! Sister "C" sat in the backseat and she had just enough room. We sure like to bring a lot of stuff!!!

So go to bed thinking that 'okay, there's a winter storm warning, but all the snow is gone and we'll probably get the rain end of it!' Well, not so. On Thursday morning we woke up to a major snow storm here in Wisconsin. By the end of the snowstorm...approximately 8 p.m. Wednesday, we had up to 17 inches. Can you believe it!!! We went from no snow to a ton of snow!! CRAZY!!! Anyway, we had a snow day at school and I woke up with a cold! Fun. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Back to my weekend in Chippewa Falls.

Well I didn't finish as much as I would have wanted to, but that's okay. As it turns out, the two bags I made were really pretty difficult. The pattern wasn't clear. It was confusing. But I did finish two. One an overnight bag and the other an everyday bag.
This is called a ruffled bag. It turned out cute...well, actually both bags were cute, but what a set of instructions!! One sister brought the supplies for us to make flower pins. That sister and another brought felted wool sweaters and made a bunch of things out of them and then with all the scraps we made more flower pins!! Wow - talk about recycled goods!! I also made a pincushion and a scarf. I took a picture of the scarf but the picture makes it look like a bunch of toilet paper (it's white)....I will have to wear it and then take a picture!!

Here we are. Another fun weekend!!! Thanks for inviting me ladies!! craft room. Here is a picture of the first cabinet completed. It is so awesome!!! It holds so much!! Wish I would have taken a picture of a 'before' of my room. Oh you can see the first cabinet has eight skinny drawers on the left. These are great for stamps, stickers, brads, and all the other embelishments used in scrapbooking. The right hand side has two skinny drawers (one for sewing supplies and the other for my miniature supplies) and below that is where my sewing machine and serger will be kept. Here are some pics . . .

I worked at my dear friend's bead store today. Her and her hubby did shows so I kept the store open. It's always so inspirational working there. They have an awesome store!! So much eye candy!!!

That's about it for now. God be with you tonight and tomorrow!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Sister Weekend!

This is day two of the sister weekend in Chippewa Falls. There are nine of us this year. Boy are the crafts flying!!! For tonight...two of us have already called it a night, and I'm on my way. Today I finished a bag, two wallets, a pincushion and started an overnight bag. Looking forward to tomorrow. Will try to take some pics of my projects.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Excitement galore!!!

Saturday night Honey Baby's sister and her husband came over. I cannot believe this weekend I will have my first piece for my studio. I am so very excited!! I have to pretty much empty it out for now, but it's just the start to the grand finale of the room. I was so excited that last night I got very little sleep. I would wake up with an idea and there I laid....swishing it around in my head. So I'm taking tonight off to sleep.

This is what Honey Baby's sister's piece looks like. It is about 1 foot longer than mine. Also, mine will have two drawers on the right and a cupboard... for the sewing machine and serger. I won't have the hutch right away... that will be done after they get back from their two week vacation.

There is also a 'sweet' cutting table/cupboard. I think that comes after that!! Pictures will follow...I promise.

This is also a picture of a mosaic table top I did. It needs to be painted and then it's finished and will find it's home in the living room.