Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Where's Waldo?

That's pretty much how I feel I have been gone so long!! Well, let me tell you what I've been up to with some pictures.

I took a class on the 9th. It was called "Diapers to Go" and the pattern is by "All my Bags and Quilts Too". It opens to two pockets. One pocket holds the disposable diaper and the other a changing pad. It was a lot of fun making and I can see myself doing more, possibly for gifts.

The evening of the 10th, we were hit with some pretty miserable storms. The small town in which I live wasn't hit by tornadoes but the town six miles away was. This is also that town that my church is located in and the following day I found out that our church was hit. I was already at work when I found this out so I called Honey Baby and he went over with the Skidster to help with the clean-up. The following is a picture of the front of our church boarded up. We had damaged to the windows on either side of the cross and also to the roof. Two by fours were thrown into the roof like toothpicks in an olive. It was unreal.

Monday evening I drove through the damaged area. It was like a war zone. I am not a big fan of 'wind'....and now even less of one.

The following Saturday I took a pincushion class. It involves a lot of doll techniques. Although I didn't finish the hair...the 'sample' one is shown in this picture with hair.
The woman that taught the class is well-known for her character faces. I am proud to say that Miss R and I both did our own faces!

The week of Easter I received phase 2. Don the Builder came over last Monday trying to beat the winter storm we were to get...(more on this later). Phase 2 is lovely!!! It is the top to Phase 1.

And it's already full!!!

Then came another snow storm. Can you believe 10 inches!!!! And a two hour school delay.

Thank goodness the snow was pretty much gone within 24 hours.

Then came Easter which is hosted by Honey Baby and me. I prayed and prayed for good weather and God answered my prayers with beautiful temps and sunny skies!! After church everyone comes to our house. Then after our main meal, the little ones go outside for the Easter egg hunt. Then the adults gather around the firepit and relax for the rest of the day. We have a canoe and a paddle boat some of the family likes to enjoy in the pond. It was a wonderful day!!

Around the firepit:

My sister brought over these fun whistles....Cute, aren't they?

And today I found out I won the book "Romantic Prairie Style" by FiFi
O'Neill from Kim over at The Daisy Cottage!!! Thank you Kim!!! I am so excited to win this!! Love your blog and beautiful pictures!! You're the best!!! Can't say it enough....Thank you and God Bless!

Well, that's where this Waldo has been! What have you been up to?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Phase 2 for the craft studio

There are some days that I just don't feel I have anything to say. That's the way I've been feeling. However, the dynamic builder Don stopped by (with his sidekick Dolly) and measured for phase 2 of my craft studio. I am so excited!! There are slots ono each side that are 12 x 12 which will hold my scrapbook papers. Lots of cupboard storage above to hold more supplies, etc. To the left of the desk will be a bookcase with a cupboard on the lower section to hold the finished 12 x 12 albums. Let me just say I am so excited for this!! These new cabinets will make my craft studio flow so much nicer than it does now. I will be so excited to work in it! Which I can't do too much of right now as a large portion of my supplies are still in boxes.

On Saturday, I am taking a class at "KEEP ME IN STITCHES" quilt shop. It's a small case that holds a disposable diaper and it has a changing pad that you make to match. It's really cute. I wouldn't have to take the class except for there are a few new techniques that I want to learn. Picture to follow....

Then after class Miss R and Miss G are coming over to work on a necklace we purchased supplies for a number of weeks back at the fabulous "GLASS ONION STUDIO". My dear friend Mrs. Magilicuty(alias)owns this wonderful shop with her husband. Saturday is being called "BEADS AND WINE", because we intend to have several glasses of wine while visiting and creating!! That and a yummy pizza!!

I also wanted to show this picture:

Remember the Sister Weekend in Chippewa Falls? Well, we also made hula hoops and then had a competition. Was it cheating that I already won a hula hoop contest with my high school friends during our annual Wii games? I think it's fair.

This picture is Miss G and she was the runner up. Well...I won the sister weekend contest. Here is a photo of my prize for that....minus the candy that has been consumed. The second picture is my previous trophy!!

Almost forgot!! My beautiful grandaughter had a dance recital on Tuesday night. We went to see it and she was adorable. This is definately one of the joys of being a grandparent!!

Next project....a new recipe for tonight and a beaded pin basket. When finished I will share.

Are you working on anything special?