Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Packages and Tea

I got a package in the mail today and I am very excited.  It is from Wool Felt Central.  They are Easter ornaments and I want to give them a try.  After I check it out, I will do a little show and tell.  But right now I want to ask you about cinnamon rolls.  Are they your favorite?  It is the one type of sweet roll that I really do like!!  Donuts or anything like that just don't trip my trigger, but a cinnamon roll!!!  WOW.  This one is fresh baked and I enjoyed it with my cup of steamy tea.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Packers are going to the Super Bowl!

Just so you know, I do not normally watch a lot of football games.  To sit for all that time in front of the t.v. when I could be crafting or doing something else...well, I just can't do it!!  To be perfectly honest, I only watch parts of today's game!  But I have to admit it was pretty good to see them win (sorry Bear fans!).  I am extremely happy for Aaron Rodgers!  It's pretty cool - we're going to the Super Bowl!! 

Well, the white chili was very good.  The beer bread too!!  It was fun to hang out with my lady friends and their hubbies.  Our daughter and her boyfriend joined us too.  We had a white elephant and that was fun also.  If you're not familiar to a white elephant, here is what you do.  You look around your house for the perfect gift...it can be something that you received but really wasn't crazy about it and you regift it!  (This works ONLY if the people you are white elephanting with ABSOLUTELY did NOT give this gift...and you better be sure of that!!)  If that doesn't work for you, look through a couple of old boxes you have packed away or clean a drawer and see what you can find.  You wrap your special gift and they all get put together at the party.  Then, with a deck of cards, (and this varies with how many people you have but you can figure that out) you devide them.  We had one set of all hearts and spades and the other set of diamonds and clubs.  You deal out one set of the cards.  Then, with the second set you draw a card.  The person with the match of it would pick a gift.  (Example if you draw the 3 of spades the person with the 3 of clubs would be the match.)  They would then open their gift.  The next card is drawn and that match has the chance to pick either a new unwrapped gift or they can 'steal' one of the open gifts.  You continue this until all the cards are gone.  What you end up with....well....that's your gift!!  It's a lot of fun and usually a lot of laughs.  I ended up with an exercise ball (brand new!) and a snowman from Christmas that apparently was unwanted by the previous owner.  Anyway, it is a lot of fun and great for a lot of giggles!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Chilly Friday

It's a chilly Friday in Wisconsin....but toasty warm here at home.  Lots to do this weekend and a big, big game on Sunday.  The Pack versus the Bears!!  GO PACK!  We will have friends over to enjoy the game and each others company.  Hmmmm.....white chili sounds good with beer bread!!  Do you have to serve dessert at a party?  I'm not a big dessert eater, but maybe I can think of something.  Any ideas?  What would you serve? 

Thanks for stopping in!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Last Christmas Cookie

Today I ate the last of my Christmas cookies....it was a mitten with blue sprinkles and blue candy beading at the cuff.  It was the perfect size for a Christmas cookie.  Not too big....not too small.  And it was de-lish.  Did I feel guilty?  No.  I had the last half dozen hidden...yes, on my family...eating one a day....savoring each bit.  I felt a little like Henny Penny ... and her bread she baked!!  After making over six dozen cookes, frosting all of them and finally getting help decorating them from my husband....everyone wants to eat, eat, eat them.  So....guilty as charged....I hid them.  Well the last six or so.  Today the last of the cookies are gone.  It sure was good!!

Looking forward to making some heart shaped cookies.  After all, Valentines day is just around the corner!! 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Snowy Monday

What a beautiful snowfall today!  Not enough to call off school tomorrow! (Sometimes I can be worse than the kids!!)  Anyway, it didn't start until this morning so last night the weather was good for our Pastor's retirement party.  It was a very nice party.  We have been so lucky to have him for 33 years, but I am happy for him and his wife being able to settle into retirement.  We have a very nice church family and our time with them is always nice.  I took pics of our white blanketed wonderland ... I hope you enjoy them.  Thanks for stopping in!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Great Day to Start a Blog!

With a little help from my favorite daughter, my blog is up and running.  Why is it that our children know more about the electronic world than we do!!!  At one time I was very up to date on those things, but not anymore.  What would I do without her!  

Anyway, I have one daughter and a step daughter.  My stepdaughter, Tiffany, has a beautiful family.  A loving husband and two beautiful children ages 4 1/2 and 2 1/2.  She is expecting a third at the end of June.  My biological daughter is about to start a new chapter of her life.  In February she will start cosmetology school.  She is extremely talented and I think that this is going to be a good way to channel that talent.  She has had a rough couple of years but is on her way...look out world! 

My husband owns his own business (excavating) and is retired.  He got the NOOK color for Christmas and he has been reading a lot lately.  And me, well I work in the school system as a secretarial aid. 

We live on three acres of land that is composed mostly of a pond, a huge pole building, a shop, our house and my garden.  After many years, my garden is coming together.  Last year was the best it looked until I got the idea of raising chickens.  To date, we have 13 chickens!  This past summer they destroyed most of my garden!!  They trampled the bark down to nothing!  When I think of it, I have to chuckle....I guess I can't have it all.  First thing this spring we will build a fence around their playground.  Hopefully my garden can be salvaged!  One good thing, with all that chicken manure, everything is fertilized really good!! 

We have two dogs...a good dog and a bad dog.  Snickers is my boy and Tinkerbell belongs to Jessica.  She is the bad dog! 

I would have to say that my favorite day of the week would be Sunday - going to church and seeing my church family and then to my moms for lunch with my sister and her family.  Our church is going through a major change right now as our Pastor has just retired, we have an vacancy pastor right now with our new pastor coming in on February 7th.  God is leading us through these changes and we will be okay. 

So that is a little bit about me.  Yup, it's a good day to start a blog and I am glad you have taken the time to read it!  What a wonderful world it is!!