Sunday, November 6, 2011

Getting to Know You!

After a long time looking at picture after picture of vintage campers, I finally came across one that is a year newer than mine and laid out exactly the same!! I am so excited!! Also, by finding her site I also found other fellow vintage campeing people and more sites!! And then I did it...I have been an avid Mary Jane's Farm subscriber for years and always wanted to join the Sisterhood....well, you guessed it....I am now proudly Sister #3614. This is so exciting for me! I really thing these gals have a lot of fun. Even though they are farther away and I probably never will be able to join them, I can live it in their pictures in their blogs. If anyone out there knows of anyone in good 'ol Wisconsin that likes to vintage camp...a cowgirl at heart...please let me know!!

I also wanted to show you my "new" vintage radio. It sits in my studio but I am seriously thinking it need to be in My Little Chickadee during the camping months. Wouldn't you agree?

When I decorated my studio, I had Honey Baby put a shelf over the window and the door. This is above the door. I have several birdhouses, a few ornaments and some knicky-knacky vintage campers. What do you think?

Onto other things...did you set your clocks back?

It is Sunday and I am working on Raya's baptismal dress. Well...I'm finishing it up. So far it looks pretty good. Here is a picture of my little RAYA*SUNSHINE. That's grandma holding here and we are having a little conversation...just the two of us!!

She will be four weeks old on Tuesday. Hm....maybe in a few years she will want to camp with me!!

"This is the day the Lord has made...."

Happy Trails!


  1. Rayna is adorable! Don't you just love chatting with the wee little ones! Heaven! LOVE your radio!

  2. Hi, So nice to meet ya! Thanx for stopping by my blog.:D I love your little Chickadee blue and white Shasta! Your trailer knick knacks are So Cute! Will be back to see what your up to.:D