Thursday, December 1, 2011

Vacation recap and tablescape

When we left Florida, is was 80 degrees...came home to the high 20 degrees and tonight and Saturday the white stuff comes!! Not a happy camper! Our trip was wonderful, though. Very relaxing. It was good to see our friends, Jeanne, Bill and Donna, and Beth and Bryan. I am not sure if I could spend my winters there though. Maybe a month...maybe two. It's something to think about for the future.

We saw a lot of vintage cars in Old Town. It was fun to look at them all and try to pick one out that could pull my vintage camper!! We also spent a day at Hollywood Studios and Epcot. We spent an entire day by the pool as well! Love getting a little 'color' in winter! There were a couple flea markets we visited. All in all it was a very nice time.

Since we've been back things have moved along quite fast. Back to work and now to start preparing for Christmas! Where does the time go?

On Sunday I am one of the hostess' for the Advent evening for the ladies of our church. I have to do a dessert tablescape. There will be singing, praying, desserts and we will have a speaker. I am looking forward to it. So on Saturday, that's what I will be doing....preparing for Sunday!

What are your weekend plans? Has anyone started their Christmas shopping? I have...I had to buy another suitcase to bring my goodies home from Florida!! Honey Baby just rolls his eyes at me!!

Have a good Friday!!


  1. Thanks for your comment today. I didn't post a recipe for the vanilla because it's not my recipe and I didn't feel comfortable reposting it because of that. If you search the Internet, there are tons of recipes and most of them are fairly similar. Good luck!

    Gordon Gossip

  2. Hi Amy... Thanx for stopping by my blog today...
    As for the cute little trailer nite lite... I won it in a blog giveaway... and yep, it was purchased from Gooseberry Patch,,,but I don't know how long ago.
    Luv your cute lil trailer goodies & your retro radio,,, I too have a blue one and luv playing my Dean Martin CD's on it!

  3. Hello Amy,
    Thanks for stopping in and checking out our new adventure in the blogging world, Love that camper!!! We are outdoor kinda guys as well and love to get out and enjoy this beautiful world all creatures great and small make us both happy! Thanks for your warm welcome and we can't wait to see more from your blog.

    ~Bobby & Eric~